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Just who is Sherry K?

Pianist - 

Sherry started playing piano at 3 years old, and began performing professionally at the ripe old age of 13.  She attended the Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington, where she received her degree in piano performance. Following graduation, Sherry traveled extensively across the United States, performing in dinner theaters and theme parks. Her eclectic style includes everything from light jazz and new age, to gospel, classical and blues.

Composer/Arranger -

A resident of South Bend, Indiana, Sherry  spends much of her time composing and arranging for solo piano, choral and instrumental ensembles and worship.

Recording Artist -

Recording projects include, “Westbound”, “A Whole New Woman”, “Sunday Best: Hymns and Spirituals Freshly Pressed" and her latest release, "Have Yourself a Sherry Little Christmas". 

Director -

Sherry spent the early years of her career in Musical Theater, where she served as Music Director for hundreds of productions. In 2014, she formed The Ripple Effect Choir

Not just a group of singers, The Ripple Effect is a collective truth-speaking voice in the community, by way of the enormous power of music.

Pillsbury Bake-Off Finalist -

2008 was a dream-come-true year when Sherry was selected out of 100,000 entries to be in the top 100 finalists of the 43rd annual event. While her recipe for Creamy Smoked Salmon Cups did not win the $1 million prize, just hearing the sound of "contestants, start your ovens!" was a thrill of a lifetime! 

Jazzy Gourmet -

In 2012, Sherry must have had too much time on her hands (ha!) because she launched a popular blog called Jazzy Gourmet Cooking Studio.  Filled with creative recipes, how-to videos and "Zippy Tip" Tuesdays, Jazzy Gourmet's culinary (and musical) point of view remain "Why be ordinary, when it's so eezy to be jazzy!

Biker Chick -

Sherry loves her '94 Honda Shadow so much, she wrote a song about it -- Shadowland

Flower Garden Enthusiast -

During the months of April-September, expect to find Sherry K spending her free time playing in the dirt!

But most importantly...
Mama to Gracie - 

Rescued at the age of approximately 1 1/2, sweet baby G loves playing in the snow, chewing on bones, consuming anything peanut butter, and adhering to her mother's side at all times. 

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